Policy of Scholarship


Documents To Be Attached With Application Form (all service documents and educational document must be attested by the head of institution/ factory)

A).   In case if the student applies scholarship for the first time I.e. at the time admission:-
a)     Copy of Computerized National identity Card of the worker attested by the employer.   
b)     Copy of certificate of the registration of factory / establishment under Factories Act; 1934 / Mines Act, 1923 / shops and Establishment Ordinance. 1969.
c)     Copy of Factory Card of the worker duly attested by the employer.
d)     Worker's/ Father's job description duly attested by the employers.
e)     Copy of Social Security Card (R-5) or EOBI card of the worker duly attested by the employer.
f)      Copy of Appointment letter duly attested by the employer or certificate of service in original bearing complete contents of employment.
g)     Copy of student Card attested by the head / authorized officer of the educational institution.
h)     Copy of CN1C /B Form of the student of Family Registration Certificate of worker issued by NADRA and attested by the employer
i)      Certificate of enrolment issued by the head / authorized officer of the educational Institution.
j)     In case, if the educational institution is other than Government run/Public sector institute/university / College, then copy of notification regarding registration / affiliation of the institute concerned with Government/ Directorate / HEC/Board (as the case may be
k)    An affidavit by the student] on stamp Paper (Rs.20/-) duly attested by the Oath Commissioner bearing the undertaking to refund all the educational expenses Incurred on his/her education if he / she left the education at a middle / incomplete stage of the respective class/ programmed.
l)    Original payment vouchers (if any) or copies thereof duly attested by the head of educational Institute / authorized officer regarding educational expenses /boarding charges/mess charges or other expenditure.
Note:   Students of universities and medical/ engineering colleges are not required to provide copy of student card of certificate of enrolment (as required under sub-clause G&I above). Such students are required to produce original admission offer letter.
B)        In the event, if the student applies for scholarship for the next year/ semester of the same degree / programmed, He/ She will have to produce / submit only:-
a)      Copy of previously passed examination attested by the head / authorizes officer of the educational institution.
b)      Certificate of admission in the next class /semester.
c)      Original payment voucher [if any) or copies thereof duly attested by the head of educational institute/ authorized officer regarding educational expenses/boarding charges or other expenditure.