Procedure for submission of claim through MIS


1. For submission and reimbursement of educational claims through web-based Management Information System (MIS) and through mobile apps following procedure will be applied for all Workers/ Employees and their children.


2. Worker/Employees need to register themselves through their National Identity Card number on MIS system of WWF. For this purpose, following documents are required:

Registration of Worker

i. Computerized National Identity Card of worker

ii. Picture of worker

iii. EOBI/Social Security Card

iv. Appointment letter of worker


3. After the registration of worker/Employees, they can register their children for educational claims and following documents are required for registration of children.

Registration of Student

i. Computerized National Identity Card of student/ Family Registration Certificate or Form “B” issued by NADRA.

ii. Picture of student

iii. Admission letter from educational institution in the name of student/Fee Chalan issued by educational institution


4. After the registration of children, educational data of students and other information regarding claims of students can be uploaded.

Scholarship Claim

i. Fee bill/invoice

ii. Previous class/semester result

iii. Exact location of educational institution and residence


5. Worker will be informed through SMS/Email in case of any discrepancy of claim and status of the approval of claim at different stages.


6. Payment will be made to schools directly.


7. Payment of uniform, books/stationery, transport etc. will be made to the worker through online transfer mechanism.