Regional Offices



Regional offices have been established at provincial capitals, to act as a liaison to enhance the coordination among Workers’ Welfare Boards and Workers’  Welfare Fund with following objectives:-
a) Periodic internal Performance Audit of the Provincial Workers’ Welfare Boards and their Zonal Offices.
b) Monitoring and evaluation of the completed/ running and on-going development projects of the provincial Workers Welfare Boards. 
c) Reconciliation of WWF receipts with the Sub Offices of AGPR, Regional Tax Officers, and District Treasuries 
d) Coordination with Provincial Workers’ Welfare Boards with regard to Development and other Welfare Schemes including monitoring andevaluation of these schemes for making assessment of the impact on account of social and economic uplift of the workers. 
e)  Submission of periodic internal performance Audit and Monitoring Reports to the WWF Secretariat for consideration/ evaluation of WWF Secretariat Audit and Monitoring Committee.