Workers Welfare Fund (WWF) has reflected its perpetual commitment by establishing a well-coordinated and harmonious network of schools all over the country during the past years to educate the children of industrial workers, a hardworking but poor segment of society, Through these institutions, WWF is imparting quality education to children in coordination with its provincial counterparts in every nook and corner of the country. These schools are providing free of cost quality education to the children of workers in a conducive and receptive manner, It may be mentioned that WWF is also establishing a large number of schools in far-flung areas of the country to cater for the emerging needs of working class.



Under this scheme two types of scholarships are offered to the students:-

                                  i)        Merit Scholarships

                                  ii)       Foreign Scholarships

Merit Scholarships

The Governing Body of WWF in its 38th meeting held on 08-01-1997 launched this scheme so that the children endowed with intellect and intelligence can properly benefit from this scheme, These scholarships have been approved for talented children of workers studying in F.A, F.Sc, upto M,A, M.Sc, besides Medical and Engineering Colleges / Universities. These scholarships are also awarded to those workers who intend to improve their educational qualification / skill.

In the 58th meeting of the Governing Body, WWF, held on 04-11 -2001, another scholarship scheme was launched according to which those children of workers who get admission in prestigious and reputed institutions on merit could also claim tuition fee, hostel charges, books from WWF.

Foreign Scholarships

This scheme was initiated primarily for providing an opportunity to those children of workers who are hardworking and deserve to get higher education from foreign universities. It was started in 2001 and under this scheme four scholarships, one for each province is approved in the fields of Information Technology, Physical and Biological Sciences and Engineering etc., for M.Phil and Ph.D levels on merit basis, All the expenditures incurred on this scheme is borne by the WWF.

Technical Education

With the progress of modern sciences and industry, technical education is receiving great importance and emphasis in all advanced countries of the world. In Pakistan there is a need to develop the skills of our manpower to achieve national self sufficiency and to raise the prevailing standard of life. Along with it, we also need to make efforts to develop positive attitudes among the young generation towards manual work and labour, To develop and maintain an industrial community, it is necessary to have manpower trained in a wide range of skills. Basic education and gainful employment is the constitutional rights of every citizen. Unfortunately, in Pakistan employment situation is alarming and aggravating with passage of time due to high population growth and slow rate of economic development. The lower income particularly the industrial workers and their children are main victims of prevailing unemployment due to lack of their access and opportunities for education and training on account of financial constraints/resources.

Industrial Homes

Vocational training for youth has always been one of the top priorities of Workers' Welfare Fund, Keeping in view the importance of vocational training, WWF has established Industrial Homes in various parts of the country. Presently training courses like dress designing, knitting, machine/hand embroidery, leatherwork, painting, candle making, pottery, secretariat training are offered at these Industrial Homes.