Ishrat Ali , Federal Secretary


Message by Federal Secretary
I am immensely pleased to state that the sitting Government has firm belief that prosperity of our country lies in the industrial development and ultimately in the prosperity of the industrial workers. The Government realizes that only a contented worker can be in a better position to participate and contribute to the industrial activities and production.
The Government has a strong conviction to bring about a tangible and positive change in the industrial workers’ standard of living by providing them and their families basic necessities and amenities of life, and a promising future with better opportunities and prospects.
In this respect, the Government has taken several significant steps which include construction of residential colonies, hospitals and dispensaries providing free health facilities and establishment of educational and training institutes for free education to the industrial workers' children and other welfare measures. The compendium of all these activities and achievements is an ample proof of the Government's keen interest in raising the living standards of industrial workers, and the services rendered by the WWF for which the WWF Secretariat at Islamabad and all Provincial Workers’ Welfare Boards deserve recognition.


Ishrat Ali

Federal Secretary